Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't Make Any Plans...

I have an amazing husband. Not only does he put up with a whole lot of crazy from me and my family, he continually seeks out ways on a daily basis to make me feel special and loved. This weekend is the last weekend in a long while that I was going to have completely free of work, and he wanted to whisk me away from life for a couple of days to spend time together.

All on his own, keeping the details safeguarded from me, he planned out a cute little getaway that started with a scavenger hunt. Mostly because I caught wind of his efforts and was gently nudging him,
 & trying to get clues about what he was up to, Jeff posted on my facebook wall a list of things to find and pack. On Saturday after he got back from spending the morning with the guys, he packed everything up put me in the car, and took off.

The destination? Bluefield WV/VA. Two cities by the same name both on the border, were home to a Mountain festival for the Memorial Day weekend. It was a weekend of relaxation, fun, and time spent together doing things we'd never done before. For example:

We got to see some amazing artists at work doing chainsaw carving. They created these pieces fast and precisely, and everything that was made that day was auctioned off. That was my first time attending an auction, too!

So... not only was there a petting zoo... but there was a petting zoo with a baby giraffe!!! This made my entire weekend, and Jeff got a kick at how tickled I was the rest of the day.  I can't help my love of these awesome creatures, and this is the second one I've gotten to see! 

He was a smart little guy... and knew exactly what he wanted... I had two types of feed, and he was very insistent on having carrots or nothing at all.

He was also almost eye level with Jeff...

They got close and personal...

Look at that tongue go! In fact, look at it in action in this video!

There were a lot of interesting animals that I haven't seen at a typical petting zoo, including a lot of baby animals, and more exotic animals like zebras, baboons, and camels.

Zebras are MUY soft by the way!

There was a classic car show on Sunday. We had a lot of fun walking around and looking at some beautiful cars!

Along with the yummy snowcones and other fair food, we got to watch lumberjack games in action. Here's some log rolling. Enjoy!

All in a ll, it was a fantastic weekend. There were tons of little quirky things along the way. Tourist traps, oscar mayer sightings, dancing robots, swimming, fireworks, and cruising with my best friend is the best time I've had in a while. Here's to romantic husbands who take the time to find unique and simple ways to make life special and enjoyable in the midst of crazy and stressful lives! I sure do love him!