Friday, April 29, 2011

They Call it Amore

Hello my dear friends!

It's been a while since Jeff and I said our nuptials, and what better way to keep memories of a lovely wedding alive than pictures? I have had an amazing experience with each and every photographer that I've had the priveledge of working with this past year, including the husband/wife duo, Kim and Chris Smith.

These two run the business Blue Bulb Photography - are fun, laid back, and seriously awesome photographers. If you're looking for a personable local photographer for a great price, I'd highly recommend them!

Now lets see some pictures!

The process of getting ready...
Jeff and I wrote letters to each other to read before the wedding... you know, to make sure that neither of us had changed our minds. ;)

These guys had entirely too much fun "getting ready."
We had our own fun, too. I loved my crew of girls!
These girls really were fantastic. I was spoiled with attention, giggles, and delicious hot chocolate. Thank you!
Once makeup was applied, hair was curled, and ties were knotted, group pictures were taken (Here's a few of MANY)!

The ceremony was short and sweet, and the reception was laid back and was filled with good food, mingling and fabulous people...

The wonderful photography duo!

So many people were involved with making this wedding a special and unique affair. My aunt, Lori Greiving made the dresses, veil, and tons of other little details behind the scenes. The Haleys were the most gracious and accommodating hosts I've ever met, and Shellie is one heck of a party planner! The list goes on, and on and on... but here are just a few snippets of the details that these fantastic people poured themselves into to making this one unforgettable day!

The cupcakes were delicious, dainty, and courtesy of the talents of Sherrill Moody and Laurel Kramer.

Did I mention that I had a phenomenal Maid of Honor? She also did the bouquets ( among many, many other thankless tasks for which I am eternally grateful).

Thank you , thank you, thank you! again to everyone that was involved. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people to support me and my family.

Lots of love,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two at the Zoo

I have had my heart set on camping for a while now. As much as I love rain and I love to see things grow here in the Bluegrass, this is getting a little ridiculous! With camping out do to weather, Jeff and I set out for a different way to spend our day.

First, have you seen this video?
Tickling A Penguin
If not, you should. It makes me smile and I've been watching it over and over for a couple weeks now.

The penguin is from the Cincinnati Zoo, and while on a drive Saturday morning, we decided that it would be a great way to spend the day, and maybe even get to see this adorable penguin for ourselves.

Jeff Posing with the rhinoceros Statue outside the zoo.

No zoo would be complete without a pachyderm. These two were a little bummed about the rain, and less than thrilled that no one was letting them inside. The result was two glum elephants chewing on hay.

The Cincinatti zoo had some great exhibits about different " Go Green" initiatives that they have implemented in the zoo. They had a little sample garden that you could walk through and learn about solar panels, wind turbines, and green roofs. Jeff was a particular fan of the elephant tire swing... even though it wasn't exactly made for someone of his... stature.

One of the neat pieces of artwork featured in the green garden featuring the use of all recycled materials.

Jeff felt a kinship to the sloth in the tropical atrium. I literally have 12 photos of this little guy... all in the same position... go figure.

These guys were my FAVORITE part of the trip, and the initial inspiration. They were the ONLY animals that seemed tickled about the rain, and were all about showing off. They are the smallest species of penguin commonly found in New Zealand and Australia, and are the biggest show offs! Look for some videos later on my facebook/ youtube page!

Jeff and this white turkey were fast friends. Who would have guessed that turkeys would be so sweet?

Anybody who knows me knows my soft spots for cats. In fact, Jeff was sweet enough to take me to the "African Cats" movie on Earth Day. These Cheetahs were beautiful and fun to watch in motion.

This little girl is the newest addition and apparently the biggest attraction right now at the zoo! She's only 3 weeks old ( and already as tall as Jeff). I can't have my Petite Lap Giraffe, but I did get to see the next best thing!

The gardens throughout the zoo are lovely and colorful. It was one of those days that was perfect for stopping to smell the roses... or tulips.

One of Jeff's favorites... because they looked like cows. He's easy to please, lucky me, right?

This guy is a red panda! He's also what the character of the ShiFu in Kung Fu Panda  is based on!

Last but not least, the kings of the animal kingdom. These white lions were unhappy about the rain, but were still lovely to look at!

Moments that make me smile #1

Jeff, in reference to my convertible bug:

" I've decided that I don't want you to get rid of this car until it starts having major issues."
"Because I love driving it!"

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing the real deal, enjoy the mental image of my 6'6 "mans man" zipping around town in a pastel yellow convertible bug.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Follow Up on Past Reflections

Last month I had written a reflective post about  an old friendship that had gone astray. It really had been something that had bothered me on a regular basis and the fact that I was the only one that it seemed to bother hurt me even more. The advice that came from that post and further reflection have really been cause for a change in perception in what I want out of the friendships and relationships I maintain my life.

Is it worth maintaining contact and a farce of a relationship with someone when there is a lack of trust, belief, or compassion flowing between the two people?

I'm not sure I fully know the answer to that. I know that it's never black and white when it comes to human beings and our emotions, but I do know that lately I've had many reasons to take a second look at the way I've been conducting my life, the way I treat other people, and the people that I allow myself to associate with. In doing so, I've come to peace with the knowledge that people do, in fact, come in and out of our lives and do not always stay. They leave a mark on us, provide us with life experience, but in the end we evolve and meet new people that continue to provide the same wonderful service. Sometimes we are lucky and we get to keep good people around us longer than others.

I'm grateful for the lessons that I've learned so far in my life from the people that have influenced it. I'm grateful for the devoted friends that I do have that are constant in their affection and never fail to be there exactly when I need them most.

While I am frustrated that I don't get to say my peace and make my apologies with a warm reception, I do feel much better about the said situation, and about moving forward a bit wiser and peaceful that life unfold the way it needs to.

As Calmly as Possible

You know, I really like the act of blogging. It's cathartic, you get to report on the happenings of your life and thoughts in your head, and everyone wins at the end of the day. Lately though  I feel as though I've been stuck in a muddy pit with no motivation to climb the slippery walls towards freedom. Just as I feel as though I've gotten back onto the horse of life, I feel the wind knocked out of me with the news of some new terrible trial in my life.

And in that I feel terribly selfish, because really, it's not as though it's all happening to me. I'm quite a bystander. My grandmother is a tremendous woman. She has accomplished a great deal in her lifetime and is and should be revered by many. She is the most talented, compassionate, dedicated, and willful woman I know. To hear that she has this stage 4 pancreatic cancer seems completely out of sync with my entire perception of her. It's not fair that she should have to suffer through this, it's not fair that she's lived a healthy and well maintained life only to be knocked down with such a disease. In all of my not fairs, she is taking this is such stride, that she puts my pettiness to shame. This woman is the cornerstone of my family will be our strength to the bitter end, and beyond. I hope to be half the woman she is.

"I was already beginning to realize that the only way to conduct oneself in a situation where bombs rained down and bullets whizzed past, was to accept the dangers and all the consequences as calmly as possible. Fretting and sweating about it all was not going to help."
— Roald Dahl (Going Solo)