Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two at the Zoo

I have had my heart set on camping for a while now. As much as I love rain and I love to see things grow here in the Bluegrass, this is getting a little ridiculous! With camping out do to weather, Jeff and I set out for a different way to spend our day.

First, have you seen this video?
Tickling A Penguin
If not, you should. It makes me smile and I've been watching it over and over for a couple weeks now.

The penguin is from the Cincinnati Zoo, and while on a drive Saturday morning, we decided that it would be a great way to spend the day, and maybe even get to see this adorable penguin for ourselves.

Jeff Posing with the rhinoceros Statue outside the zoo.

No zoo would be complete without a pachyderm. These two were a little bummed about the rain, and less than thrilled that no one was letting them inside. The result was two glum elephants chewing on hay.

The Cincinatti zoo had some great exhibits about different " Go Green" initiatives that they have implemented in the zoo. They had a little sample garden that you could walk through and learn about solar panels, wind turbines, and green roofs. Jeff was a particular fan of the elephant tire swing... even though it wasn't exactly made for someone of his... stature.

One of the neat pieces of artwork featured in the green garden featuring the use of all recycled materials.

Jeff felt a kinship to the sloth in the tropical atrium. I literally have 12 photos of this little guy... all in the same position... go figure.

These guys were my FAVORITE part of the trip, and the initial inspiration. They were the ONLY animals that seemed tickled about the rain, and were all about showing off. They are the smallest species of penguin commonly found in New Zealand and Australia, and are the biggest show offs! Look for some videos later on my facebook/ youtube page!

Jeff and this white turkey were fast friends. Who would have guessed that turkeys would be so sweet?

Anybody who knows me knows my soft spots for cats. In fact, Jeff was sweet enough to take me to the "African Cats" movie on Earth Day. These Cheetahs were beautiful and fun to watch in motion.

This little girl is the newest addition and apparently the biggest attraction right now at the zoo! She's only 3 weeks old ( and already as tall as Jeff). I can't have my Petite Lap Giraffe, but I did get to see the next best thing!

The gardens throughout the zoo are lovely and colorful. It was one of those days that was perfect for stopping to smell the roses... or tulips.

One of Jeff's favorites... because they looked like cows. He's easy to please, lucky me, right?

This guy is a red panda! He's also what the character of the ShiFu in Kung Fu Panda  is based on!

Last but not least, the kings of the animal kingdom. These white lions were unhappy about the rain, but were still lovely to look at!

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