Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Follow Up on Past Reflections

Last month I had written a reflective post about  an old friendship that had gone astray. It really had been something that had bothered me on a regular basis and the fact that I was the only one that it seemed to bother hurt me even more. The advice that came from that post and further reflection have really been cause for a change in perception in what I want out of the friendships and relationships I maintain my life.

Is it worth maintaining contact and a farce of a relationship with someone when there is a lack of trust, belief, or compassion flowing between the two people?

I'm not sure I fully know the answer to that. I know that it's never black and white when it comes to human beings and our emotions, but I do know that lately I've had many reasons to take a second look at the way I've been conducting my life, the way I treat other people, and the people that I allow myself to associate with. In doing so, I've come to peace with the knowledge that people do, in fact, come in and out of our lives and do not always stay. They leave a mark on us, provide us with life experience, but in the end we evolve and meet new people that continue to provide the same wonderful service. Sometimes we are lucky and we get to keep good people around us longer than others.

I'm grateful for the lessons that I've learned so far in my life from the people that have influenced it. I'm grateful for the devoted friends that I do have that are constant in their affection and never fail to be there exactly when I need them most.

While I am frustrated that I don't get to say my peace and make my apologies with a warm reception, I do feel much better about the said situation, and about moving forward a bit wiser and peaceful that life unfold the way it needs to.

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