Tuesday, September 27, 2011


First of all, my husband has an aversion to recognizing and celebrating his own birthday. Second of all, I have an aversion that he has this aversion. What's a girl to do? Why, forcibly throw him a surprise birthday party where all of his friends can appropriately show him how much he's loved, appreciated, and cared for, of course!

This look right here is " I'm smiling because I'm being told to, but I'm a little peeved over the situation."

Friends were asked to sign cards with silly pictures of Jeff captured throughout this past year. Jeff is well known for his terrific sense of humor, one of his best qualities.

Now. Here's the story of the cake:
Early in the inception of this ( as Jeff would so eloquently put it) "conniving" scheme of mine I had found a post on cakewrecks.com's website that I simply fell in love with. The original picture that I wanted to use for the cake was this:
Amazing, no? You should really read the whole post here, for the story about how it came about. I contacted the store and proceeded to give the description of what I wanted on this cake to a kid probably no more than 17 years old. To say that I caught him off guard would be an understatement. When I finally got to sit down with the cake decorator we hashed out some ideas, discussed ways around copyright laws, and in the end, created the final product that would be Jeff's epic birthday cake.

Personally, I think we eclipsed the original idea. What do you think?

Thank you to those of you involved with the successful execution of a thoroughly enjoyable birthday party. Jeff truly appreciates the love and support of his friends, as do I. You all are amazing, compassionate and fun people to be around. Thank you for being our friends, and for making this birthday a memorable one.

Who's up for planning next year? ;)

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