Wednesday, October 14, 2015

{ The First Month List }

  1. He spent his first week in the NICU. Contrary to what the doctors predicted, he exceeded everyone's expectations and hurdled each milestone with ease. 
  2. The first few weeks at home have been a breeze. He easily sticks to a schedule and is hardly a fussy baby. 
  3. He is the picture of health, according to the pediatrician. In spite of his size and early birth, he's been perfect in every other way. 
  4. The dogs have wanted nothing to do with him. Cooper has been the jealous one, surprising us all. He sulks about and very clearly feels displaced. Georgia is fairing much better, though is bored and frustrated with the lack of stimulation. Babies are boring in her opinion. They'll come around...eventually. 
  5. He's growing! He's still so tiny, but is putting on weight like a champ. 
  6. He loves his momma, and she loves him. of course, Jeff get's his share of love in there, but what an amazing bond I'm having the privilege of forging with this precious angel. He is all sweetness and cuddles, and wants nothing more to be held and sung to. 

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