Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Apple a Day....

SJ is growing fast and hard! Every day he manages to find something new to get into, something else to hide in the black hole vortex of kitty knows where, or another way to rope the other cats into playing with him. As frustrating as his toddler period is, he's still the most affectionate and adorable creature on Earth, and has a melting effect that gets him out of trouble with out fail each and every time.

This past weekend we went to the vet for his booster vaccinations and check up. The first two times we had been were easygoing and he seemed to handle the situation with a little uncertainty but nothing worse. This time was another ball game. The smart and ever alert Skipito was on his guard this time, after the pokes of the last visit and was not about to let them do the same thing without a small protest. In the end he conceded and we were on our way out almost unscathed. Just as we were getting to go, however, the poor dear got sick, reacting to the dewormer. He ended up having to hang out for a few more hours, get a few more unwanted shots, and them exhausted, went home. I was supposed to follow up with baby benadryl twice a day for the next two days... this was what resulted after the first dose. Needless to say, that was the first and only.

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