Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Story of SkippyJon

Okay. There are a few bits of general knowledge that everyone should know about the author of this amature blog. The first is that I'm a teacher. The second, is that I've had an undying love of children's literature that started at a very young age and has only grown stronger as the years have passed and my experience has increased.
I first was aquainted with SkippyJon Jones in Bowling Green a couple years ago as a student assistant in the public library. At the time, the branch I worked in was a beautiful old train depot that had been converted into a library and event hall. In my romantic little mind, this was the most perfect job I have ever had. In my job, I got the priveledge of previewing  books before patrons did, and had spent many an hour shelving book after book. With all that time and books in my hands, I absorbed so much knowledge and constantly discovered new favorites. One of them happened to be a clever series of books about a young siamese kitten who mistook himself for a chihuahua and embarked on several quippy and hillarilously written adventures. It's a great read aloud series, extremely loveable, and undeniably cute. I myself developed a small pension for siamese cats.
Time went on, I finished college and started my first job. Of COURSE one of the first read alouds I ever did for them was of my favorite literary gato. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted a little kitten of my own, but my current roommates were hard core dog lovers and felines were strictly out of the question. Just as my hopes were to be dashed, fate took a step of intervention on my behalf and provided me an opportunity to move, and meet the furball of my dreams.
An aquaintance of mine happened to know someone that had taken in a litter of siamese cats and their mother. Apparently the breeder was going to put them down because they had developed a rather nasty case of unchecked ring worm ( google it, it's totally non lethal), because they were no longer worth anything to them. She took the initiative to start medical care for the crew and soon they started to get their health back. She couldn't take care of them all, and so I was offered one at a muy muy cheap price ( to cover medical costs). A couple visists to the vet, and skin wipes later, the little fluffernutter is in perfect health, all his hair is grown back and not a single flake is to be found. He's my little rescue kitty, and the entertainment of the household.

Moral of the story? Read SkippyJon Jones, then come visit the real thing...and bring cupcakes.