Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have a Sunny Thanksgiving!

After spending Thanksgiving day with my family in Kentucky preparing food, eating food, napping after food, and good conversation and games, Jeff and I set out for Florida to spend the weekend visiting his family and friends in the Tampa area.

We spent each day bouncing from house to house spending time with each person, catching up on lost time, meeting for the first time in my case, and enjoying the time together learning about Jeff's youth and time before his arrival in Kentucky.

 After a particularly long day of toggling between relatives and friends, we ended our adventures with a makeshift picnic on the beach. Comprised of the most amazing Gyros you will ever, EVER eat ( cross my heart, hope to die), blankets and sand mats, and a cloudy but lovely sunset, it was a relaxing and perfect ending to the busy day. After consuming my weight in Greek meats, I hopped up ( ok, wobbled and teetered up) and headed to the surf to frolic and walk off the fullness of the wonderful meal. Eventually Jeff joined me, and together we walked talked, snuggled and enjoyed the sunset and cool water at our feet.

After several minutes of playful joking, Jeff asked me if I really loved him. Not an unusual question, I was quick to answer in the affirmative. After giving me a funny look, he put his hand between us, on which he had a ring around one of his fingers. While he stumbled through his proposal ( nerves and it was chilly), I looked back and forth from his face to the ring several times, very caught off guard ( he'll tell you that I sounded something between a seal and dolphin), finally catching my mind and mouth in the same place, I assured him that I wanted nothing more than to marry his goofy self.

And there you have it. The sweet, simple, and perfect way my dear fiance asked me to marry him. If you want the embellished and highly entertaining version, you'll have to ask him. :)


  1. Awesome! Sunsets are very romantic. ;)

  2. I totally want the hilarious story!

  3. You'll have to get him to tell you, my delivery of his version doesn't do it justice.