Friday, December 24, 2010

The Season of Photography

Life has been crazy busy over the past couple of weeks. With the wedding moved up to February 12, it's been a marathon of tasks to get invitations ready and out the door so that we could sit back and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. December 12th Jeff and I journeyed down to Nashville to spend a day together enjoying the festivities and decorations at the Opryland Hotel and to do a photo shoot with the fabulous Caitlin Denman, one of my favorite photographers and extraordinary local talent. That night a shiver of a storm started up and we had the great adventure of taking some amazing pictures in some chilly and lively, snowy areas of downtown Nashville. It was a blast to share that time with Jeff and Caitlin, and we have some amazing documentation of that night to smile back on.

After being snowed in and a lovely stay at the Che Ashley a la Bowling Green, we returned to Lexington and started putting together everything we needed for the invitations. Along with a heap of help from some fabulous ladies, we got ALL of our invites addressed in ONE night! I am so beyond thankful for their help, it was something I was honestly dreading doing by myself.

With Invitations completed and sent out, we are on a roll with this wedding, and you can keep up with important information via our wedding website:

A couple of days after the super romantic and fun shoot with Caitlin, my family had the wonderful pleasure of working with another fabulous photographer locally based in Lexington. Marissa Noe is extremely talented in family portraits, I like her filters and angles, and I was glad to have her with our family to document our affinity and humor for one another. Mom wanted to be sure to get pictures with everyone before she lost all her hair, and I am thrilled with the results that I've seen so far. It's been a rough year, and especially month, and it was great to capture a happy moment on camera to keep us reminded of what's most important. Make sure to leave a comment on Marissa's blog, if we get enough comments, she'll throw in a free print for us, and I can't express just how much I love free stuff... especially when it's great quality :)

I sincerely wish a truly happy and warm Christmas to all of you. Make sure to keep those who you love most close and to express your love and appreciation to them often.

Much Love,

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