Thursday, July 12, 2012

{Messy Locks}

IMG_3151 (2)-horz
I don't know about where you are, but here in Suzhou, it's HOT, and HUMID, and only July. Apparently the worse has yet to come, and I'm already a droopy polar bear without its glaciers when I spend more than 5 minutes outside. I really miss my cute little {air conditioned} VW bug lately but I'm hanging in there. What has REALLY been driving me crazy has been my hair. I have a LOT of hair. and with the hard water, wimpy hair dryer, and weak hair ties, there has only been so much I can do with it. I haven't worn it down more than 3 times since being here, and it's just too hot to have it down at this point anyway. I've been pestering Jeff about getting myself a hair cut for months and this week I finally got it over with. I found a picture of a style that I wouldn't mind and went to a salon that had been recomended to me by another expat. "Eric" was quick.... REALLy quick. He took a razor to my hair and was done in a few minutes. I love the feeling of a fresh hair cut. All that weight taken off makes your head feel like it's floating! And for the first time ever, I have a wash-n- go hair cut that I don't hate! Bring it on, summer heat, bring it on!

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