Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{Dinner: Variation on a Theme}

Here I give you two pictures. The first:

Yum. Right? And, being the thrifty wife Jeff's training me to be, I used some left over spaghetti sauce that had lovely chunks of ground pork, tomato and bell pepper that made the insides of this pizza into a surpise supreme pizza. There were no left overs. We waddled to bed. Such is the life of fat people.

The second picture:

Probably the ugliest thing I've ever made. It was a loosely based attempt on this recipe gone awfully terribly Frankenstein. Too much dough on my part, and poorly assembled, this glob of a monster almost overtook our poor little toaster oven. Aesthetics aside, this was OH MY GOODNESS delicious. There will be second attempts... and possibly thirds.


1 comment:

  1. The baked item below the pizza...reminds me of something I once saw while snorkeling in Jamaica! :-)