Friday, October 26, 2012

{Shanghai + Suzhou + Ashley}

First, I need to let you know something that you're pretty well aware of already. I have fantastic friends. Not just the run of the mill  ,fair weather, obligatory hug on a bad day sorts. I sincerely have been blessed with a rare breed of people in my life that seem to rise to any occasion, enrich and push me to improve myself as a person, and always leave me feeling loved and overwhelmed with gratitude.

Ashley, in particular, has been a shining star in my life for quite some time now. Maid of honor extraordinaire, when I told her we were moving to China, and in particular to work for Disney, she had a travel book in her hands before I did. So, just as I was starting to feel the very real pricks of homesickness, She showed up, in China, to spend an awesome two weeks ( one with me) exploring, catching up, and enjoying a country that I had grown to appreciate in the last year.

Ashley spent her first week in China touring with a group and her father in Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai. Her tour ended in Shanghai, where Jeff and I met with her to bring her back home with us to Suzhou. We did a little light shopping in the fake markets, found some fabulous deals on shoes, and went up the Oriental pearl tower to check out the view from the observation deck.
This was as close as I could get Jeff to the observation deck. Notoriously afraid of heights, He refused to step out on the glass.

In suzhou, we took a slow pace look of the city, visiting Tiger Hill, Some of the older streets in Suzhou, and took a canal boat ride in a very old boat. I've never seen better weather than the week that she was here, and we savored every minute of it!

Red towel carrying hill toppers in China!


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