Tuesday, May 7, 2013

{This & That}

 1. I doubled my case load this past month. Which, really, was is a blessing. After months of stagnation, things are finally getting to a point where I'm making more money than I put out just to travel to see my clients. It's great... but at the same time I feel overwhelmed with the work load that goes into getting that many clients situated at once. The work never ends, and just as you finish one task, there are 12 more waiting in it's place. I find it hard to stand back and feel good about what I've done, because I never really feel like I'm getting anywhere. There were a couple of weeks where I felt like I met my breaking point, and heaven bless the people the kept me sane. I really owe them one.

 2. This weekend followed the climax of those rough couple of weeks. I felt so emotionally and physically spent that it was nice to have a couple of days to recoup and recollect myself. I started off with a mini shopping spree/ self pampering session Friday afternoon. I bought a few things for my office that I have wanted or needed, and did a little something for myself, that gave me a sense of control and artistic expression. I will say, that I'm grateful for a job that is overall embracing of everyone's individuality in nature. Jeff teases me that I'm going through my half life crisis... it's honestly something I've toyed around with for years... and after all, it's just hair. :)

3.After an exceptionally good lunch with my dad while he was in town for meetings, I threw myself into an easy to finish project that I could feel a definite sense of accomplishment. I marched into Lowes, grabbed a fistful of paint chips, and roped Tyler into helping paint my living room. I love my mom, but her sense of style varied significantly from mine, and the room needed an update. I get the motivation in spurts, but slowly the house is coming together, evolving, and feeling more like home. And it worked - I absolutely feel like I accomplished something this weekend, and it felt fabulous.
It was pointed out to me that it looked like he did everything while I took pictures .. but  I painted everything 5'3 down... and he went behind me and got the top part of the walls. So there!

4. Baking always seems to pop up, especially when I'm stressed. There was the huge batch of cookies for Jeff to take with him on the road, and this wonderful recipe posted by a friend that seemed to fit perfectly at the time and made for one awesome desert.
Also pictured - yummy, craving satisfying, probably terrible for you, mac n chees dogs and brats. 

5. While keeping up with the blog, I've neglected traditional journaling. I picked up a couple this month. I have a terrible memory, and if you asked me what I was doing three days ago I couldn't tell you. The first journal is a line a day journal that keeps track of five years. A nice, easy to commit to journal that makes it easy to look back and remember any given day. The second journal is more stream of conscious, and makes it easy to vent during frustrating moments during the day, listograming different subjects to add to or look back on, and anything else that is too personal or irrelevant to share on the blog. It helps with anxiety, clearing my mind, and I'm glad I've started it back up .

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