Thursday, December 22, 2011

{A day with the Girls}

I feel like I'm settling in a little bit more each day here. The shock of a different language surrounding me isn't so great, it actually throws me off when I see another expat instead of an asian face, and I'm getting out and exploring Shanghai bit by bit, and learning how to meet my needs.
Wednesday we had a half day off because we had to do medical checks for our visas ( FUN STUFF!). After we got back to the hotel, the girls decided to go get lunch and spend the day at the fake market. We ate at a restaurant that serves legitimate American food, and I had a craving satisfying italian sandwich and salad. Two things that just don't seem to work the same here. The fake market, the best I can describe it, is like Chinatown in a mall. It was four stories of booths filled with knock off, fallen of the back of a truck, and random souvenir stuff mostly sold to westerners. Here we got to practice our haggling, pick up a few creature comforts for cheap, and do what girls do best, shop and gossip. I feel like this was the most normal day so far.
I'm starting to pick up on some of the more underlying cultural differences that you don't notice at first glance, and it's interesting having conversations about the chinese attitude and way of life in regards to them. I respect the culture, and their way of living, but it does make one very grateful to have been brought up in a belief system based around principles of freedom, equal opportunity, and human rights.
I'm very eager for Jeff to get over here, I have a feeling if he takes too much longer that my group will start to think he's imaginary. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season, time with their families, and making lasting memories. I'll be in touch soon!

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