Wednesday, December 28, 2011

{A Giant Among Men ( from the brain of Jeff)}

Hello everyone, I made it to china in one piece. But I now know how sardines feel, the flights were ok but the seats were small.  My first flight was good the plane was small and the door to get on the plane was 4 foot tall and 2 feet wide. And I made a new friend on this flight he is a soldier in the USAF and for Hawaii, he was on his way home for Christmas.
And oh the flight from Dallas to Seoul Was the longest thing I have done in my life, to start it off I left my phone in the bathroom in Dallas and didn’t know it until we left the ground. Then I was sitting next to a Korean priest that wanted to save my life and convert me(lol)  he didn’t like that I pointed out flaws in his teachings.  So without a phone and no way to get ahold of Ashley , and her getting mad at me without knowing what was going on, I got lucky and got a computer to send her an email from Seoul.
The last flight to shanghai was the best part big seats and good food and short as hell. I was so happy to see Ashley, and she looked beautiful, it makes you realize that in just a year you can really become a part of someone’s life so much that you miss them more then you realize.
Now let talk about the taxi back to the hotel, for anyone that has been in the car when I drive and I scared the crap out of you I’M SORRY!!  I now know how you feel. The driving out here is nuts they don’t have any real traffic laws. It’s fun to watch and see how they can drive all over the ride and not hit other cars and then drop in the scooters and bikes, it’s like a great dance, that will scare the crap out of anyone not from here.
On my first day here I walked around and got to see the markets and shopping here. And here in china I know that they have seen Americans , but nothing like me, I have seen peoples jaws drop as I walk by and yes I have watched someone on bike run into a car as they were looking at me. And it’s funny to walk around and see the looks I get.  Last night me and Ashley went to dinner with some of her friends here, and then we went to the store, where we found some sales people that were soooooo existed to see me that they had to take 20 pics of me and with them standing next to me. But so far I can say I’m having fun and I’m so glad to be here and learn everything china wants to show and teach me.
And the food is great, and for now I say good bye for I’m going to get some noodles now.

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