Friday, December 16, 2011

{The Gap Between Tired & Sleep}

Hello friends!
Well, after a Looooooong series of flights, layovers, and numb posterior/legs, I am safe and sound in the city  of Shanghai. I have a new found respect for our business travelling friends who do this on the regular. I certainly wouldn't be a happy camper if that experience was a regular occurrence.
That being said, all in all, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be! Check in and all the flights went smoothly, no delays or major issues with the technicality of travel. The travel arranging angel in charge of me had mercy and put me into premium economy, so even though I was still my fidgety self, I had the leg, elbow, and personal space to do so along with lovely service.
There was a lot to absorb in the many hours that I've been schlepping around. Here were the standouts:
First, meet Titus.
Jeff got him for me on one of our first trips together. He's been a good travel companion and is a pretty handy pillow with one cute face. Of course, most people in the Chicago airport thought it was odd for a grown woman to be carrying around a stuffed animal. It's funny though, because as soon as he hit the door of that airplane to Tokyo he has been getting comment after comment about how cute he was. One flight attendant petted him. *shrug* I'm glad cuteness is appreciated somewhere in the world!
That last flight from Tokyo to Shanghai was painful. It was only three hours, but after a 13 hour flight and a 4 hour layover I was stir crazy and short on patience. As I was sitting waiting on our flight, at the same terminal a flight for L.A. was leaving before ours out of the same gate. The area was pretty quiet and void of crowds. Just as the flight was about to leave Zac Efron and a small entourage of people sending him off waltzed by where I was sitting. I only recognized him because Jeff and I had recently watched "17 again". By the time I thought that I should take a picture just to prove my story I realized that my ipad takes unimpressive pictures, and by the time I reached for a better option he had already turned to board. One of my travel companions that I made during a connecting flight asked why I didn't ask for an autograph. I guess I didn't feel that he was impressive enough to me to do so... not to mention I was having a hard enough time not giggling over his poofy hair and over the top tan. I don't think I could cut it in L.A.
Last, and probably least to everyone else, but it made my day:
That very last and SLOW flight to Shanghai, I sat next to a kid returning from studying abroad in Wisconsin. we got into a brief discussion and he asked me how long I had lived in Tokyo. When I told him I haven't, and that I was moving to china for the first time, he was surprised. " Oh, you just used chop sticks like you've been using them for a long time, usually Americans struggle and use silverware." I guess if nothing else, I can eat like an Asian without sticking out too badly. Now if I could just get language and everything else down, I'll be a pro at this in no time!

Alright. That's all I have for right now. I need to go knock myself out so that I can get  up early tomorrow and start this crazy adventure off right!
Love and hugs from far away,
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