Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Middle of the Day Reflections}

I feel a little like ranting, I feel a little like gushing, so I think I'll
do both. However, neither have pictures because I haven't had time to
download them and edit so you'll have to wait a bit on that. :)
Let's start with rants:

1. Fat people, women in particular are NOT meant to tuck in shirts, let a
lone polos. Self-esteem whilst at work plummets an automatic 10 points the
second I change into my "costume." I just continue to reassure myself that
I'm not here to impress anyone with my looks and move on. Though you won't
catch me dead in this gear outside of the center. I get enough looks as is.

2. I underestimated my undeterred biological need for more sleep than
everyone else. Because of the nature of what we do, our hours are set up
around the normal hours of children's core school, and parent's work
schedules. Therefore, I work a lot of late hours during the week, and 12
hour shifts on the weekend. It's nice to have the middle of the week off
because Jeff and I can go do things without [as many] crowds, but I'm still
adjusting. Being a morning person is especially difficult when you worked
to 8:30 the previous night and had an hour commute home. I actually fell
asleep in a taxi this morning. I don't think we've understated the chaos
that is shanghai traffic and driving styles, so you'll understand how tired
I must have been to be able to sleep through it.

3. Visas, vendors, and the hell which is beurocracy. It's just a part of
the way things are, and I'm trying my best to accept and go with the flow.
However, because of the additional person that I have to worry about aside
from myself, balancing dates, interviews, medical checks, and housing
logistics is one big headache of vauge "maybe"s. While our hotel is very
nice and suits it's purpose, I do not deal well with being this unsettled,
and I desperately want to stop literally living out of a suitcase. I don't
remember asking in any prayers for patience, but apparently [someone] felt
that I needed a lesson anyway.


1. I really do love where I work. Even as displaced as I am, I recieve
great support, work with optimistic and enthusiastic ( SO enthusiastic)
people, and get to play with the most.adorable. kids. EVER. These kids are precious. If I thought I could get away with it, I'd steal one and take them home with me.

2. My meetings are better than your meetings. Seriously. My meeting this week consisted of a quiz game and a screening of a Disney movie in a fancy schmancy theater. I could get used to this.

3. I have the best husband in the world. He is the most selfless person I know. Whether it's fresh cut flowers on the window sill to brighten up a sterile hotel room, dinner hot and ready after a long days work, clean and fresh laundry , a silly drawing sent to my email while I'm at work to cheer me up, or a straightened and clean room to fall asleep in at the end of the day, he continually finds ways to suprise on a daily basis. I know he loves me because of all the little thigns. I would certainly be lost without him.

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