Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Autumnal Angst}

According to the girls I work with, Autumn apparently has already begun in China. The Mid-Autumn Festival, or, Moon Festival is in a couple of weeks, and decorations and special content is being prepared at our center. This, in conjunction with the fact that it's been the mid to high 90's with humidity making it feel like the 100's, and a news snippet from home about the cornmaze Jeff and I have made a tradition of visiting each year, I've been thinking about the upcoming festivities that we'll be missing while in China.
I adore fall. It's my favorite season. While I appreciate all the others, none seem to hold a candle in my mind to the autumn weather, flavors, and activities. I love  walks in the crisp but not yet frigid air. I love the change of leaves from greens to vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. I love visiting the orchards and getting a fresh slice of pie and a frozen apple-cider slushy. I love hay rides, corn mazes, and farm animals. I love the overwhelming scents of the spiced baked goods in the ovens, and I love the particular tastes of the seasonal food. I love apples, pecans, and pumpkins.  I like putting on old jazz or swing music and reading a book next to the window . And I love the time spent with family before people go into the mad rush of the winter season.

I think this is the first time since we've been in China that I've been sincerely homesick, and while I'm sure it has a lot to do with the unrelentless summer temperatures and humidity right now in Suzhou, and it will eventually pass, right now I'm a little wistful for fall in Kentucky. Make sure to have a slice of pie and a frozen apple-cider slushy for me.
Oh how I miss blue skies.


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