Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{ Bobby Come Back!}

So, it’s been about 9 months that we have been in China. We are lucky to have found ourselves in a town that has a lot of ex-pats and there is a lot of western food here that is close but not the same. We have made some good friends and when they left China we got their spices and left over this and that, so for the most part we have been luck to have a  little bit of the western flavor when we want it.  But there are still things we miss. With that said, we also know some of the most amazing people. We have a friend who comes to China for work. This time around he came out of his way to spend the weekend here in Suzhou with us. Another one of our friends from home, Jason along with Ashley's dad put together a bag full of things we missed from home. It made my weekend to have a friend here with similar interests, and to have some one to run around town with and just have an all around fun weekend.

I am sad to say it didn’t start off good. I picked up Bobby from the airport at 6:30pm, with the intent on hopping onto the metro, taking a 30 minute train to Suzhou, and be in home in time for dinner. Excited and distracted to have Bobby here, I took us the long way to the train station on the Shanghai metro and we just missed the last train home, so we had to run to the other side of town to a different train station to get a train ride home. Buying the ticket for the last train at 11:05 pm, we assumed it was for a high speed train until we stopped to look at it more closely. It was a slow "K" train that takes 1 1/2 hours as opposed to the high speed 30 minutes. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Each car holds 100 people and they pack on 150-200 per car and it was the last one.  We got home after midnight. It sucked.

In spite of that, Bobby was here and we had a great weekend. We walked around Suzhou and I got to show him the town. We played games(til 2am)  and had some great food, with a side of Chinese redbull. It was nice to have someone that spoke Chinese, this way I knew what people were saying.  you got to love Bobby as he would just tell me that they were just asking about me and was doing his best not to tell me that they were calling me fat. I just kept reminding him that I have been fat most of my life and I’m ok with it. Bobby was here Thursday through Sunday when I took him to the train station and sent him on his way. It was sad and hard to see him go as this was with out a doubt the best weekend I have had in china.

Anyone else up for a visit? 


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