Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{ The Post Where Jeff Decides His Limit on Future Children}

OK. So, one or two kids... Maybe.
I had the chance to watch the kids of the branch president here is Suzhou. They have 8 kids but only left the older 7 with us, ages 13-2.  For those of you who know me well, I love kids and have worked with kids in the past (daycare,summer camp),  so I felt pretty sure that I was ready for this. Though perhaps not as much as I thought. On the first night I got tested by the 5 year old who was hell bent on not taking a bath. I tried the nice guy, the jerk, and then finally started "helping" him with his clothes, but nothing seemed to stop him from screaming for dear life.  It got to the point that night that I resorted to calling their dad. I felt like a failure  at this point, but after talking the father(OT) and Ashley I decided that I  just needed to start making the kids work for me, and set them to work with regimented tasks for each child.   It worked!  I made the older kids take care of the little ones and I cooked and made them was great.

I love cooking, but cooking for that many people is "fun". You never know how much 7 kids can or are willing to eat. On the first night I made dinner we ran out and I had to make more, then the next night I made way too much (which  was ok as I just used it for lunch). One day we went to the movies and I made popcorn at home and got some soda to take with us so I had two kids with backpacks  full of food.  We had popcorn, oranges,soda. The kids liked it ( Probably because they weren't allowed to have soda, thinking back on it), and I didn’t have to spend that much money.   All and all it was a great week and I really had a good time. We took Jack with us and at first the kids wanted nothing to do with him. After a day or two it was the other way around. They ran jack hard and his favorite spot in the house was over the air vent where he would lay on it as long as the kids would let him.  So now the kids want a dog.  Sorry OT.   So now I think I may just want a kid or two after dealing with all the crazy that is the Benson house hold.  But what great kids,  sorry it took me so long to get this up, and I will try to write more.


Jack eating up the attention!
Both Jeff and Jack exhausted. Nap time anyone?

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