Thursday, September 6, 2012

{Culinary Wish List}

We eat well for living in China. We really do. We've been blessed by having good friends to leave behind spices and left over pantry items, even better friends who go through enormous efforts to arrange care packages with tastes of home, and an expat rich community that blossoms western style restaurants and groceries so that we can always get a fix if we need it.

That being said... we, as fat people, have had some wanderlust over food lately, especially with the new knowledge that home is only three months rather than another year away. Perhaps it's in poor taste to make a list like this, but I'm doing it anyway. Here's a list of the places and food we're going to be visiting when we get home:

  • IHOP - Bacon. French Toast. Sausage. Colorado Omelet. Pumpkin Pancakes with Butter Pecan Syrup. Stretchy Pants.
  • Taco Bell - This one is all Jeff. Though I'm sure it will involve the destruction of a lot of tacos. and Mt. Dew. 
  • BBQ - Oh so much BBQ. 
  • Frozen Yogurt - This one is all me, but it WILL include a girl date and pedicures. 
  • Hamburgers - Cheeseburgers. Bacon Cheeseburgers. Monster Thick Burgers. Hugh Jass Burgers. Burgers with burgers on top. Mostly we just miss BEEF. It's so expensive here, so we've only had it a few times. 
  • Steak - Medium Rare ( Jeff just gagged... he'll get over it) with a bottle of A-1. It's gonna happen. Grilling in the snow. That's what boots are for.
  • Butterfingers - and chocolate. Really. They suck at it here. I don't even like chocolate all that much. 
  • Chinese food - Don't laugh. We're serious. The food in China is yummy but NOTHING like your run of the mill drive through/ delivery/ Chinese take-out in America. There will be some OM NOM NOMing of crab rangoon, egg rolls, general tsos chicken, sesame chicken, Mongolian beef, and beef and broccoli.
  • Gigi's Cupcakes - and baking in general is going to happen. So much baking. Kentucky's apples and pumpkins better run, we're coming, and we're hungry. 
  • Popeyes - This will take a drive to Louisville or farther, but it's going to happen. I never want to see another KFC in my life.
  • Fazolis - I miss you, bread sticks. I'm sorry I have forsaken you. I'll be back soon, we'll talk. Johnny Carinos, we'll be seeing you soon, too. Don't leave town.
  • Ice - and cold beverages in general. Yes, they exist in China, I will just enjoy the becoming the assumed preference, again.  
Who's up for helping us complete the list / work off the calories afterward?



  1. This is oddly true of the Chinese food. Lutece was so excited to eat egg rolls and spring rolls here, but there are none. People tell us we have to visit the south of China to get those things. Seriously?

    Also, we've been here 3 weeks now, and I've only had 1 chinese meal (street food doesn't count). I finally told Stayc that we need to go out to eat! It's just so much harder to do things like that with kids.

  2. Jeff, I miss our adventures at Taco Bell. And let's be honest, I gave you a run for your money at quantity of tacos consumed. I love me some Taco Bell. Oh baby, I love me some Taco Bell.