Saturday, September 15, 2012

{The Brightside}

*Today's post is brought to you by the colors yellow and grey. *

Of all the things we have to do as grown-up individuals, my very least favorite are moving, packing, resumes, applications, and interviews. I've done all of them far too many times since college, and I'm very content with the idea of settling down for a while. None of these things are what I'm looking forward to coming back to in our transition back to Kentucky.

Want to know what I am excited about? (Aside from family, friends, and a whole list of state-side luxuries)
Apartment/House browsing. Not the actually fill out applications and pay deposits. Just the search. There's something about the search for places to live that opens up your imagination to possibilities and the idealism of what you want your dream home to be like. Yes, I'm clicking through the housing strictly in my budget range... but let's be honest, I'm also clicking on those sneaky ones that just a few... hundred... thousand...or so out of it. I can't help it.

Who WOULDN'T want a grey shingled house with yellow shudders and sun-room? Complete with big well established trees and lush yard I would die and go to heaven living in this simple but perfect house.
Ooooooh and vaulted ceilings, and rustic floors with rugs and flooding natural light. Yes please!
I have seen the barn door implemented in a couple of designs and I can't really explain why I like it so much, aside from the fact that I do. I guess it blends the loft style concept that I fell in love with as a kid watching "Ghost", and the shabby-chic romanticism that I naturally flock towards.
I'm suck a sucker for a claw foot tub, and one situated in a bathroom flooded with light and dark floors has my name all over it. This is where you would find me 90% of the time if it were my house.

Ahhhh to dream.

This is Jeff's "contribution" to the search*:


* I -think- he's joking.

Jeff's find ( WELL worth the read and other pictures):
Not quite the dream home I was hoping for...

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