Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{Set In Stone}

Well, over the past three or four months we have bounced around different options for the next year. We've looked at international schools here in Suzhou that would pay twice as much as where I work now, Staying with Disney, and coming home.

We really love Suzhou. A lot. It's a comfortable place and we've grown accustomed to -most- of it's quirks. We could both see ourselves staying here for a while. That is... if we could ever find work for Jeff. Who is terribly bored. And beating every video game we buy in record time. And while he's become very popular with the locals in our neighborhood, been an immense asset to the church here, and a tour guide on more than one occasion, He misses having a job, and *sigh*, his guns.

With that taken into consideration, and recent events developing at home, we both made the final decision this week to come home - a stunning 19 days early. We found great deals on tickets, have put notice at work, and are making our budget out for the final months that we are here. Unfortunately, this also means finding a home for Jack ( the hardest part of this whole thing right now). We've grown attached to him, and he would have been one of the bigger reasons for staying longer, giving us time to save up money to bring him home with us. Luckily, there seems to be some interest floating around, and I'm sure that we'll find him the perfect fit with someone here before we leave.

So now we are officially down to three months left in China, with so much to do, and now so little time. My dear friend Ashley Fister will be here in October to get her own taste of China and head down to Hong Kong Disney Land while I still have the passes, which I'm elated about. We've still got a ton of sights to see that sadly, we won't have the money to do this time around, and so many tasks to carry out in order to be ready to leave and arrive back in Kentucky.

So much excitement. So much stress. So much to do.


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