Friday, December 21, 2012


In general, I honestly do love my life. I have a fantastic husband that fits me perfectly. We have a comfortable, clean and safe home. I have a job doing something I'm passionate and excited about. I have a good relationship with my immediate family and spend oodles of time with my Dad now that we're back in Kentucky, and I really enjoy and cherish that time. I have a car to get me from place to place without the tedium of mapping out bus routes, walking and metros. I once again have my dear friends within driving distance and can visit them whenever I like schedules line up. We have a good, relatively comfortable life, and I'm extremely grateful for it, and generally I am able to maintain an optimistic perspective about life.

It's just been a week or two of really frustrating, annoying, and sometimes discouraging days full of Murphy's Law moments. Car trouble, sickness, more car trouble, rain ( which I normally don't mind... until it starts to flood my car), budgeting, disagreements with peers in the sandbox ( you know what I mean), and a packed and stressful work and social calendar.

And so, I bake - a lot. Because it relieves stress, and gives me control over something, and yields fantastic end products. Last night? I layered my super reliable chocolate chip cookie recipe over a layer of brownies and baked them together. I can pretty much guarantee you while these desert bars will not bring world peace, they sure as heck made me feel a little happier. Though, I can't say the same for my waste line.

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you're having inexplicably bad days?


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  1. I shop. I look at Pinterest and blog. Honestly- those are the things that make me happy. Sorry it's been crummy!