Sunday, January 27, 2013


Changes have been a common theme in our lives. I suppose it's one of those things that connects people together.

Jeff took a job this week. The events leading up to it are complicated, and honestly going into detail right now would lead to saying some particularly unkind things toward another, and I don't believe putting those kind of things in writing out of anger... so, suffice it to say, it's a long story.

This job is out of state, and involves three weeks of "training"... unpaid... so to speak. He'll get a signing bonus after, which is great, but in the mean time, we just aren't going to be able to make ends meet. So, this weekend was spent packing up our apartment so that I can move things into a storage unit for the next month or so, until we're settled into where we were already planning on moving (another story for another time).

It's another bittersweet move. Jeff will be gone for three to six weeks, I'll have to handle a lot of things on my own, and not to get overly mushy, I'm going to miss the big guy. But, he'll have a steady job, making decent money, and we'll be able to continue to save up for future plans.

If a new job, packing and moving weren't enough, Jeff also had one more surprise up his sleeve. Part anniversary gift, part companion in his absense, part "I'm tired of saying no", lead him to show up at my office with an adorable striped, spotted and very sweet gift.

 Introducing: Cooper.
Super affectionate, energetic, but a fantastic couch buddy. Prefers balls above all other forms of entertainment. Conquered "Sit" in ten minutes. Has a stubborn streak, but generally is eager to please. Loves to lean, suck up any and all affection offered, rarely barks but audibly grumbles when he isn't acknowledged. Beautiful amber eyes, the brindled body of a boston terrier, mottled with the spots and head of a blue heeler. All in all, one adorable and fantastic almost full grown pup.  I'm smitten.


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