Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Acts of Kindess}

So, I got a package today. It's a pacakge that I was really, really excited about. You see, a while back a friend of mine was a victim of a random act of kindess. As a result, she chose to pass it on, and made me a pair of mittens, with colors of my choice, because she could, and because she felt that she needed to share that kindness with others.
Well, I can't knit... i can't sew, I can't trust myself to craft anything of worth for another. But I can bake! So let's have a edibly sweet giveaway, shall we?
It's pretty simple. Leave a comment letting me know your favorite cookie (and if you absolutely hate cookies, you're favorite baked good), for one entry, and if you follow the blog, or are already following the blog, you can get a second. This giveaway will end February 2nd at midnight!
*Sorry Expat friends, USA only*
Well, What are you waiting for!?
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  1. LOL @Jeff! :)

    I'm glad you liked them. It looks like they match pretty well. :)

    PS--This isn't an entry; pass it forward, not back and forth. :)

  2. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!! My fave.

  3. Wait what? I made a post like the very few minutes after you posted this but NOOOOOooooo, it's nowhere in sight! Good thing I checked :D

    And white chocolate and craisins are divine!

  4. I love Ashley MCLemore special cookies!