Sunday, February 3, 2013


As much as Jeff cursed and grumbled about Jack, his stubborness, his inexplicable ability to find what made Jeff tick, He really did love that little bag of fur. When we knew we had to give him away, I chickened out and hid behind work, leaving Jeff to shoulder the awful task of physically handling the transfer from one owner to the other. Those who don't know Jeff on a personal level see a big boistrous and charismatic man's man. The rest of us who know him a little better know him to be a deceptively big teddy bear. While he'll fiercly deny it to keep whatever reputation he thinks he has, he likes romance, tender moments, and is deeply sensitive. On our wedding day, HE cried first. While I was sad to let Jack go, I knew he'd be fine, and we'd move on. Jeff handled it a lot harder.

I started itching for a new furry friend soon after we got back into Kentucky. I missed Jack, and missed having canine devotion in our lives. Jeff shot the idea down. Several times. Emphatically. He gave me every reason under the sun, but mostly, he wasn't ready to have another dog after giving away one so soon.

Still, I'm persistent. Eventually, asking enough, geting the right timing, and have a husband as awesome as mine,  I managed to get him to agree to looking for a new dog.  There was online browsing, and some visits to the humane society. On a particularly bad day at work, Jeff kidnapped me for the afternoon, and we spent it petting kittens and puppies (smart husband, right? ).  That afternoon we found one dog that caught our eye. Bonnie was a sweeheart, and smart. We left, excited to think about whether or not we wanted to adopt her. Things didn't quite line up, and we didn't go back. We were disappointed.

A couple of weeks ago we went through another transition. Jeff was working two jobs, working 70 hours a week, and exhausting himself. After a turn of events, discussion, and contemplation, He took a new job. He's is going to be gone, a lot, for the next year. It's not our favorite decision, but will be something that will help us now and for the long run. Still, as I told a friend, marriage has somehow made me into a more codependent person than I remember myself being, and the thought of Jeff being gone three weeks at a time has been somewhat difficult to process. The day we made the decision, we had lunch with my dad to talk it over. Jeff went back to work. I went to pet puppies.

Initially, I walked passed Cooper. I had a concept of what I was looking for my mind and was seeking out specific breeds. I stopped at one dog who looked perfect. I walked him and took him into a quiet room to try to get to know him. He wanted nothing to do with me. NOTHING. His temperment was all wrong, and he was far to interested in what all the other dogs were doing to give any attention to me. I roamed through the place, made the ritual stop in the puppy room, and then had the inkling to circle back to Cooper. For some reason, he was the ONLY dog that I had taken a picture of to send Jeff ( for approval), and seemed to warrant a second look. He gave the impression that he was a little coy, but interested. He patiently waited for me to open his gate, quite unlike his cell mate, and attentively walked with me to the meet and greet room. In the first five minutes together, he was on his back, in my lap, doling out kisses. An hour later, I was sold, smitten, and determined to bring him home. Jeff somewhat begrudgingly came over to the shelter to give his seal of approval, and agreed he was a pretty fantastic pup.

We charged to the desk to fill out papers, grins on our faces, only to be told that we couldn't take him because of some confusion over our residence. I left frustrated, peeved, brokenhearted. From what I've been told, I was apparently short tempered, and pouty the rest of the night. The following day was meant to be spent getting things in order for Jeff to head out of town for training the following week. I went to work to get a few things done, and to wait for Jeff to bring some things to fax. Hours later, and annoyed that he was taking hours longer than he said he would, I was out of patience when he walked in. Which is probably why it took me a solid 30 seconds to process that he had a dog, Cooper, with him... in my office.

Apparently he had spent the entire morning arguing with the girl at the humane society, her boss, and her boss's boss until they let him leave with Cooper. How could I stay frustrated with a man that shows up with a dog when he's late? I spent the rest of the day off kilter and completely thrown off schedule.

And so here I am, with a long legged pile of fur who insists on being involved with everything, is eager to please, with a stubborn streak a mile long when it comes to doing something that isn't what he wants. He's affectionate, patient, and protective. He makes Jeff's absense a little easier, and gives me something to focus on so that I don't over think the more stressful things going on right now.

I'm glad I took my time finding him, and even more so that he's here with me. While I'm happy with my life, this next stretch isn't going to be the easiest, and I look forward to having the unconditional comfort he offers with me on a daily basis when Jeff can't be. Goodness knows I'm going to need it.


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