Thursday, July 18, 2013

{I Can't Help It} and Other Good News

I have a problem. I like animals. A lot. A lot, a lot. I grew up having dogs, cats, fish, and any combination therein. I have no less than THREE posts on this blog alone about petting zoos or zoos in general. The answer to the question " What's your favorite animal?" Is impossibly long, and much more list oriented than the questioner often intends. And even in China, we managed to have a pet, even though it wasn't quite practical. I can't help it! Animals are a driving force in my life. They are unconditionally loving, rewarding to take care of, and so.darn.cute.

A few months ago we adopted Cooper, the Blue Heeler/ Boston Terrier wonder dog. He's smart, devoted, and the first "goody-two-shoe" dog I've ever met. I can count the time's he's gotten into trouble on one hand. Seriously, he's the best dog I've ever had. A couple of weeks ago, We ( Tyler) adopted Kate. Kate's a sweet, but still timid 7 month old lab mix that's growing like a weed and coming out of her shell and gaining confidence a little more each day. She's smart, too. Smarter than Cooper, honestly, and is very observant of everything that goes on around her, trying to absorb what she is and isn't allowed to do.

As if that weren't enough fur in our lives, we also decided to foster animals for the Lexington Humane Society, where we got Cooper and Kate. It gives animals a chance to get a break from the kennels, or to get better from an ailment, or to get the extra socialization they need to be an awesome pet for whomever decides to adopt them into their home. We get to choose how often and how many we take in. This past couple of weeks we had a spirited little pit-bull mix puppy that muscled her way into the pack and bullied the other two into cuddles, play time, and every so often, an argument or two. She grew like a weed, was super affectionate, and I really think she's going to make an amazing dog for some family.

All of this canine affection started as a way to relief stress and anxiety while I was trying to plant my feet with my last job, and to an extent it helped. As things drew to a close, and Jeff and I had several long conversations about the future, long term goals, and what-ifs, and he had a revalation. Why don't I start looking for jobs working with animals? I brushed it off and said I wasn't qualified. I had always wanted to be a vet, but a lack of academic ambition and aversion to math/science discouraged me from ever taking that route. But with our experiences with adopting and fostering, I began to realize that there were many different options for jobs working with animals than just being a vet. So, I started looking around, speaking with some connections, and applied. and you know what, it worked! I'm going to be training to start in a vet office as a client services coordinator working with clients and pets on a daily basis, and that really, really excites me. I don't anticipate it to be the perfect job, but it's something I'm confident I'll be able to do well , and apply my passions to, and who knows, it may lead somewhere!

So here's to fluff, dander, and four legged friends. They are comfort, inspiration, and a passion I look forward to pursuing!



  1. Yay! It's great to hear you feeling so positive about work again. And yay for fostering animals. I've taken a break from dogs for a while but I've got three adorable six week old kittens.

    1. I'd love to see a kitten or two come through our house, but Jeff is wickedly allergic to them, so we'll stick with dogs. You were an inspiration, though! Hope everything is going well on your end of the state!