Wednesday, April 9, 2014

{ Chicken Update }

The goal for this year was to work towards a larger idea of self-sufficiency, and a more immediate desire to spend more time outside doing and enjoying this summer.

So far. So good.

The chickens are pretty low maintenance, especially compared to the dogs. They do however seem to REALLY enjoy when I get home in the evenings, as they all come rushing out of the coop, or whatever object they were pecking out, and are eager to get out the run to explore the yard. That includes Cooper and Kate, who they seem to have no fears of.  I'd like to think that I worked really hard with the two pups while we were brooding the chicks to help them understand that the chickens are not like the other birds outside and are not to be chased or eaten - and to my surprise, they do really well with them! At best, they show a total disinterest, and at worst, they nose them around, and get their feelings hurt when the chickens come right up to their snouts and peck at them.

This is not to say I trust them alone together, because I don't. I know both my dogs well enough that given the right trigger, they both have excellent prey drives and that a flighty chicken may quickly become a dead one.  So, direct supervision only - and the tiny suburban backyard farm continues to go smoothly!

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