Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Fresh Eggs}

So, perhaps this is a little bit of the cart before the horse, but I've been thinking about this since we started this thing. We're going to have a lot of eggs for two people. A LOT of eggs. like two dozen more than we need a week... at least. So, I thought I'd feel out if anyone would have any interest in getting TRUE cage free, free-range, grass fed, not just hormone free ( because, FDA wouldn't allow any poultry producer to sell something given "hormones", btw) but also anti-biotic ( which is what the industry is actually using to act like hormones)  free eggs, from happy, spoiled-rotten ( the chickens, not the eggs), very funny, and animated chickens.

I'm anticipating things to get cooking around mid to end of June, so I wanted to know of at least a few people who might be interested when the eggs start rolling in. We're looking forward to a colorful assortment of brown and blue-green eggs, that are going to taste better than anything you've bought in a store.

I'm even willing to DELIVER eggs to your door. That's right, full on customer service with smile, by yours truly.

So take a look on the newly minted Facebook Page, see if you're interested, & let me know! In return, I'll keep you in the loop as things start to get real interesting in the next month or so!


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