Sunday, May 11, 2014

{Mother's Day}

Every year gets a little more nostalgic for the women I would have celebrated today. Mountains among women, talented, strong, opinionated, passionate, endearing, and memorable.  I continue to find moments that radiate the impact they have had on my life in small and profound ways. As we have been working to establish the garden this summer, it has been astounding how much was absorbed in my childhood in the summers spent outside with her in the hearty vegetable gardens watching her, and carrying out tasks that at the time I resented her for. I remember her making me spend hours weeding or picking off caterpillars from the tomatoes. I remember learning about the impressive varieties of things she grew, which without a doubt lead to my easy love of fresh vegetables. I remember when we would tell her we were hungry, we were redirected to the garden, where we could pick a tomato, cucumber, green bean, or any number of other options, rinse them off, and eat them while swinging on the swing set. I remember the years of canning by my mother and my grandmothers side, learning the process and recipes for each thing we preserved. I remember being terrified of getting burned, and watching in amazement as they unflinchingly handled the hot jars and scalding water. 

And although they are no longer here to ask for help and suggestions, their lessons have been deeply imbedded, slipping out when I need them most, and in those moments I am deeply grateful to have had such tremendous women to remember on Mother's Day.

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