Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Garden Update}

Things are coming up green! Granted, it's still early, and the usual amount of bugs haven't shown up yet, but the plants are loving life, and shaping up quite nicely! I certainly underestimated the pumpkins, which are taking over at alarming rates, and the leaves are bigger than my hands! The cucumbers are starting to grow,too, and are going to need a trellis soon. The peppers are starting to blossom, and the tomatoes are going crazy! I was looking up the varieties I had to get some information on them, and to research some kind of fungus or rot that set in on a few branches, and apparently they are supposed to get 6-10 feet tall depending on which one we're talking about, which makes me wonder how I'm going to reach something that high! We've already got 16-20 fruit set on the plants, and the smell of the tomato plants is overwhelmingly nostalgic. As if all these weren't enough, the sunflowers Jeff got me are flowering beautifully, and really are the happiest flowers in the world! I've been really enjoying the time outside this spring that I certainly did not spend last year, and am anxiously waiting for that first ripe tomato!
Garden today...
Garden 1 week ago
Where you goin', pumpkin?

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